Learn a bit more about why Jack Hamilton created the Hamilton Realty Group in this video! He wanted a different real estate experience for the client and the brokers.

Tune in as he explains the differences you’ll find as a team member at HRG >>

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Transcribed Video:
Hi, I’m Jack with the Hamilton Realty Group. I have been in the business now for over 30 years. Hard to believe. One of the reasons that I actually created the Hamilton Realty group was from the consumer standpoint, I believe that the consumer deserves a better real estate experience than what they normally get. That’s just knowing your market and just being honest and truthful with them. From a team standpoint, one of the things we really wanted to provide was an atmosphere that allowed our team members to grow, but also to provide them the services that they need to grow. So many companies out there in today’s market just simply recruit real estate agents, and then they give them a phone, they give them a desk and they wished them the best of luck. Through our training over the last 30 years, we’ve found that really one real estate agent can’t do everything great. And so that’s why we created our team so that we could specialize in different aspects of the business. One of the things you are looking at right now is that we actually have a full time marketing team. Not only do they help us with doing things like this, but they help us with marketing our listings. They help us with social media, which is just this wide array of things out there now that you have to do to promote your listings, to get them sold for the clients. We also have full time closing coordinator so that when one of our team members actually writes a contract that gets turned over to the closing coordinator and they basically take it from the time of contract until the time of closing and handle all of the details, which there is so much details in this day and age that have to be done to get it to close. And then we also have a listing coordinator that handles the day to day activities for our listings that we are marketing so that we can provide service for our seller clients that during the hours of nine to five, Monday through Friday, if I’m out showing or listing or working with another client that there is somebody they can talk to, because again, having done this for so, so long, one of the things that I know and I tell my clients and our team all the time is that I don’t care how many times you’ve bought or sold a home, it is stressful. What we really, really try to do is to take the emotions and the stress out of that and this come from a place from facts and logic. Do understand, we know it’s stressful. So our team, as I said, we specialize in different areas of the County. We look for people that are hungry, that are humble, that are smart and that have a servant heart. So if that’s something that you might be interested in, as far as an agent out there, please just give me a call.