During these unprecedented times, sharing positivity and good news is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE! AND, we have some GREAT NEWS to share with you! Tune into our video and watch as Jack Hamilton of the Hamilton Realty Group shares the numbers from the February 2020 Brunswick County Real Estate Market Update.






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Transcribed Video:

Hi folks, Jack Hamilton with the Hamilton Realty Group with eXp Realty down here in Brunswick County, North Carolina. I’m coming to you today, it is actually Monday, March 23rd and my main message is to talk with you about the Brunswick County real estate activity for the month ending February, 2020, but before I do that, I do want to acknowledge the times that we are in. I know a lot of you are stressed. I know a lot of you may be going into your foxhole and being safe. I want you to know here at Hamilton Realty Group that we care about you and if there is anything we can be doing to help you, please reach out to us. I do want to give you updates for Brunswick County real estate, February, 2020 and it was an incredible month. In fact, in February, 2020 sales volume was $106 million. That is the highest amount of activities that we have had since October, October of 2005. So it was incredible. In fact, the percentage of increase from February 19 to February 20 in sales volume was up 51%. That is huge for us. So January was up, I believe 61%, February 51% and of course, we are going to see what March will do for us, but right now the early indications for numbers, we are booming. We actually had a 4.1% increase in the amount of new listings that came on market. We had 589 listings that came to market in February. Listen to this number, units sold had an increase of 35.4% year over year. We had 352 units sold in the month of February alone. So we have been off to a really great start January, February. In fact, our sales price year-over-year increased nine and a half percent to $295,910. So we are just shy of our average sales price being at $300,000. In fact, one of the other numbers I’ll share with you is that the highest focus of the sales for our month of February was above 300. That is the update for Brunswick County sales. Of course, we hope and pray that it continues to grow. We understand we are in unprecedented times right now, so we are not sure. I think we may see a little bit of an effect in our April numbers, maybe not so much in March because those businesses were already done prior to a lot of this starting. My word out to you again, is Brunswick County is STILL BOOMING. We hope that it remains that way. If you are looking to buy, sell or invest, please give us the call. Send me an email, follow us on our website. We are doing everything possible to keep business going. We know people are buying and selling and we also know that we have to be socially correct in how we do that. We’ve got the technology to do Zoom meetings. We’ve got the technology to do virtual open houses. So again, if you are looking to buy, sell or invest, just give us a call.