– How are you doing during this COVID-19 quarantine?
We’re here to help.

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Jack: Hey folks, it’s Jack.

Dana: And Dana.

Jack: It’s week four for us of the quarantine and for some of you that are viewing this, I know it has been a little bit longer, so we are just checking in to just see how you are doing. As you can tell, we are here in our office. Our office has been sanitized. For Dana and I trying to keep some sense of normalcy in the schedule is very, very important during this time. We are getting up and we are doing our morning walks. Obviously, the gyms are closed. So we are just doing the things that we can do to still try to keep our normal routines. We are as you see, coming to the office and just trying to stay normal.

The message that I would have for you this week is just that I know how hard it is. I know how hard this last Easter weekend was not being with family and I know how hard that is for all of you and for all of us. We are in this together. But I would say to try to keep some normalcy. In our coaching world, we talk about dress up and get up. Don’t get bogged down in all the negative stuff going on in the news and everything. Just try to keep some normalcy. Anyhow, that’s kind of just my message that we care and we like you and we love you. We want for us all to get through this together.

Dana: I guess talking about kind of our new normal here, as Jack said, yes, we come to the office every day. It’s just the two of us, so we are being safe and careful. We lock the door so nobody could potentially walk in. Not that people probably would these days, but just being careful. But we are here and we are working because we have clients that need us. So we are still communicating with all of our listing sellers every day, working on different ways to virtually get their properties out there and be seen and potentially get offers for them and continuing to work really hard with all of our folks that are under contract now to get all of those processes and things done to make sure that they close, because there are buyers and sellers that still need to buy and sell. That’s our responsibility to them and we take that very seriously. And then as I’m sure you’ve seen, we’ve done a lot of new, not new but making use more of technology, of virtual showings, virtual consultations and have gotten several new properties under contract and listed. So we are here to help and take our job very seriously and are continuing to work on our skills to help everybody as best we can.

Jack: Our question in ending is, what can we do to help? As we say, we are going to continue sending these out while we are going through this event together. So please reach out to us. Another thing that I would suggest and I know that we are doing this, which has been helpful, is don’t isolate yourself, reach out to people. Technology is beautiful. You can send somebody a video like this right off your phone. You can FaceTime them, you can do Zoom conferences. Again, in this time that we are all going through, I heard this the other day; social distancing, but don’t be socially missing. So get out there and still talk with your friends and see how they are doing.

Anyhow, that’s really all we want to do is just keep you updated. The business down here is still good. A quick update, because I know a lot of you that are watching this are up in the north, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and our prayers are with you. Here is something just to let you know business down here has still been fairly normal. There is still activity and things going on. So whenever that time comes and you are ready, as Dana says, we are here to help. Please do respond back to us and let us know if there is anything at all that we can be doing to help or just give us a call. We are here for you.