TUNE IN as Seth Robbins of the Hamilton Realty Group at eXp Realty discusses one of the best pricing strategies for selling your home FAST!!

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Transcribed Video:

Hey everyone, Seth Robbins here with eXp Realty and the Hamilton Realty Group. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Today, I want to talk a little bit about pricing strategy. One of the biggest points that I make when doing my marketing presentation is coming up with the proper home evaluation of your property. One of the best ways that we have found to sell your home in the quickest amount of time is to take 15% to 20% off of that price, and then put it on the Multiple Listing Service. What this does is create a demand and a sense of urgency for buyers, and we’ll get a stampede of them through your front door.

We create a multiple offer situation, which would drive the price above asking price and sell the home in not only the quickest amount of time, but also at the highest price. This is not for every seller as it does take a little bit of courage to do this, but we have found that this will be the best way to sell your property in any type of market. So if you want some more information, give us a call, 910.601.2344.