AdWerx CEO, Jed Carlson says that “the numbers and indicators are there so 2015 could be the biggest real estate year since the bust. Since housing inventory is increasing, prices are holding and lenders are making loans more attractive to first time buyers, what should real estate agents be doing to get ready for a busy year”?

RISMedia has put together 5 tips to make the most of these market conditions.

  1. Get involved with your time; make yourself a visible presence in your community
  2. Diversify Market Tactics; include some awareness marketing, lead generation, and drip campaigns to stay in front of your network
  3. Embrace Technology; the average person checks their smart phone 221 times a day, so make sure your website is mobile capable and that you are fluent in text messaging. Also make sure to use your social media and stay apprised of new software that your clients maybe using from their mobile devices.
  4. Identify your circle of influence; in a digital world, word of mouth can spread like wildfire. Make sure you are nurturing the relationships that will produce potential clients.
  5. Go for it; Be bold, put yourself out there

If you are already maximizing your network, social media and marketing, now is a great time to focus on increasing your knowledge and use of technology and automation. The right digital tools can help you be more effective and with 100 Million, tech savvy Millennials entering the market, instant, practical applications will be imperative.

Consider your contact management system. Nowadays many CRMs contain more than just contact management. While risk management, document storage, compliance, and collaboration have in the past been managed through multiple platforms, current technology has brought all of these processes together. Real estate agents can be more efficient which increases productivity and your clients craving instant gratification will appreciate the speedy response and information.

Technology is also changing the home showing process. Will Caldwell, writer for Inman Select suggests through automation, you can schedule and confirm a showing as well as provide follow up without ever speaking to the Listing Agent or property owner. Already some of the higher end areas of the country are using Bluetooth technology, ibeacons instead of yard signs. This is being seen in gated communities where sale signs are not permitted. Once you have the smart phone app Realty Beacon, you can pull up property information for a home on the market, simply by driving by the house. Talk about instant gratification. Through the Realty Beacon app, you can schedule showings, ask questions and inquire for more details. It is predicted that in the next 10 years, yard signs will be obsolete.

So what has prompted all this new technology? Experts call it the “Internet of things” also known as the “cloud of things” or “real world web”. With one storage location and multiple devices that all connect to each other, information is readily accessible and at a moment’s notice. Get ready for the future of the real estate industry to become more technologically dependent. Intuit, CEO Scott Cook says “Technology creates an experience that is so delightful, that you can’t imagine going back to the old ways”.