WATCH as North Carolina real estate expert, Jack Hamilton of Hamilton Realty Group, discusses the LATEST real estate housing market numbers in St. James Plantation, NC — St. James Exposed — EPISODE 45.

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Hey folks, it’s Jack with the Hamilton Realty Group and I am coming to you live with episode number 45, episode number 45 of St. James Exposed. This is the real story for the resale market for the month of March, 2020 in St. James Plantation. Before I get to the numbers, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that we are thinking about all of you and praying about you during this time with the coronavirus. I know a lot of us are in situations and I know that there is fear and anxiety out there. So I want to just let you know that we are thinking about you. Dana and I are here. If there is anything you need, please let us know.

Let’s go ahead and get to the numbers. As you will see, in March of 2020 we had not started to see the effects of the coronavirus quite yet. We actually had 23 single family properties that came on the market for sale and 5 condos or townhouses. I’m going to tell you most of those were March winds, came on the market. That’s a total of 28 new resale properties that came on the market for sale. During the month of March, we only had 5 single family resales that sold. Fortunately, one of those was ours, right near the end of the month. We had 3 condos or townhouses sold. So there were a total of 8 properties sold. If you notice, again, and you’ve been following me, I know now for almost four years, we had a lot more inventory that came on the market versus what went off the market. It still remains unknown what effects the coronavirus had on that. I think our April numbers, we are going to see some really big changes, but whenever you have more coming on the market for sale, it’s still a buyer’s market, a lot of opportunity in there.

The final number, just to share, at the end of March, on the 31st, there were 67 resale single families available and 11 condos or townhouses. That gives us a total of 78, 78 resale properties available for sale in St. James as of the end of March. Again, those are the numbers. If you have any questions, if you have any comments, please reach us here either on the email or phone number. Just know that again, we are here. There are still people that have to buy, sell, or invest, so we are doing safe distancing, a lot of Zoom calls, a lot of technology we are using to keep moving our business forward. If you need anything, just let us know. Hopefully, at the end of April when I come to you, we will be passed this. God bless.