WATCH as North Carolina real estate expert, Jack Hamilton of Hamilton Realty Group, discusses the LATEST real estate housing market numbers in St. James Plantation, NC — St. James Exposed — EPISODE 47.

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Hey folks, it’s Jack with the Hamilton Realty Group and Exp Realty and I’m coming to you with episode number 47, 47. [Inaudible 00:15] have been doing this for four years now of St. James Exposed. This is the real story on the resale market in St. James. We are going to recap the numbers as of the end of May, 2020. Let’s go ahead and get started. We had 12 single family listings that came on the market and we had 7 condos that came on the market. So it gives us a total of 19 new properties that came on the market in the month of May. We had 16, did you see that number, 16 single families that sold in the month of May and 6 condos or townhouses. So we had 22 properties that sold during the month. That left us at the end of May with a total of 58 single family re-sales available and 12 condos or townhouses, so a total of 70.

What we are seeing in St. James, we are now viewing this and it’s in the middle of June, is that it has been very, very busy in there. If you are looking to sell, now may be a very good time. As you can see our inventory in the May was very low. We’ve had a lot more coming on the market, but we are selling a bunch in there right now. If you are looking to sell, it may be time to maximize your sales and move on. We had 22 properties sold and we only had 19 that came on. So that still shows a little bit of that shortage in there.

The month of May was good. I’m really excited to talk with you in July about the month of June because it has been extremely, extremely busy. As always though, if you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in St James Plantation, please reach out to me, Dana or somebody on our team so that we can have a private consultation with you to see if now is the right time. I appreciate your time. Please share this with friends and we will talk to you again in the early part of July.