The Brunswick Beat — EPISODE 8 — American Fish Company

Your Guide to Southeastern NC's People & Places! Watch Jack Hamilton of Southport’s Hamilton Realty Group explore southeastern NC in “The Brunswick Beat.” Learn more about the people and places we know and love in our coastal community. WATCH NOW -- In this episode, you'll get IN-DEPTH look at one of our favorite spots [...]

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Sunset Harbor is the most undiscovered exquisite natural settings in Brunswick County.  Its roots are as a small fishing village and most of the original fishing shacks remain near the waterfront.  Choice and timing have kept Sunset Harbor waterfront area unique and resistant to change but it is coming.  Several new developments have sprung up [...]

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Each time your cross over the bridge to Sunset Beach, you will be reminded to slow down and relax as you enter into a more laid-back atmosphere.  A special attraction of Sunset Beach is the quality of the sand which is a beautiful powdery-white.  The island has a home-like feel and quiet surroundings, but [...]

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Quaint, quiet and historic, all aptly describe the fishing town of Southport.  Located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River on the Atlantic Ocean, Southport was an ideal location for riverboat captains who settled there.  Southport was originally incorporated in 1792 as Smithville named for North Carolina Governor Benjamin Smith, who served valiantly [...]

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One of North Carolina’s most beautiful barrier islands, Holden Beach offers natural beauty and serenity yet is rated as one of the best family beaches in the country.  Mostly residential, the beach has some of the most spectacular homes in the area.   Thanks to a modern bridge, completed in 1986, Holden Beach offers the [...]

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SOUTHEASTERN NC: Boiling Spring Lakes

Boiling Spring Lakes, as the name implies boasts an incredible 50 natural and man-made lakes.  The centerpiece of all these is the 150-acre, 2 ½ mile long “Big Lake” with ten miles of shoreline which is fed by five springs and Allen’s Creek.  As far as history reveals, the boiling spring remained hidden until developers [...]

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