Meet our beloved clients and friends, Rick and Susan Wade — Hear their story now!

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Transcribed Video:

Susan Wade: I’m Susan

Rick Wade: I’m Rick.

Susan Wade: Wade.

Rick Wade: We are the Wades.

Susan Wade: We are the Wades.

Rick Wade: Well, Susan, I met in Raleigh and got married and then we had an opportunity to move to Ocean Isle family beach house. So we jumped on that opportunity, came down and Susan started with Best Version Media, her company that she does. We lived there for about a year and a half and realize that ocean Isle is a fantastic, wonderful place, but when you have to work and live, it doesn’t offer as much as we like. So we started looking around for other areas in the same general area, and we stumbled upon Southport and just fell in love with it.

Susan Wade: So charming, adorable. We were searching around for a home and we found… We were doing several drive-bys of our current home now. We were wanting to say, okay, how can we go and see this house? We met Jack and Dana through the Chamber, and wanted of Jack to show us the house and that was… He showed us the house.

Rick Wade: He showed us the house and we bought the house.

Susan Wade: Yes.

Rick Wade: Though we fast became good friends with Jack and Dana right after that and started hanging out and doing the boat thing.
Susan Wade: Freedom Boat Club, several trips on the boats, and just getting to know each other. Just having a really great time and really building a nice relationship. They are such good people. I truly am a people person and I could feel their goodness and their honesty. So that’s why we really came to know and love them. Really right off the bat, it was huge trust relationship. It was wonderful.

Rick Wade: They are very genuine and down to earth and just fun. They are fun people.

Susan Wade: And they tell it like it is. There is no fluff. This is the way it is. I like that. I don’t like… I want direct. Tell me what it is and we will change it or love it.

Rick Wade: One of my favorite things is we live golf cart distance to downtown and we take our golf cart everywhere; downtown to eat, downtown to hangout, just ride around.

Susan Wade: Just ride around by the water. We take our dogs. We take our dogs over to the Marina and let them run. The community loves our dogs. It’s Sherman and Lily. They are really well behaved. But we really love the golf cart and the charm of Southport and all the little shops and the uniqueness about it all. It was just… Who wouldn’t love that Southport?

Rick Wade: The charm never gets old.

Susan Wade: No.

Rick Wade: It doesn’t. Every time you go down it’s just as fun and charming as it was the first time.