Hamilton Realty Group has over 50 years of combined real estate sales experience and we are ready to put that knowledge to work for our sellers.

We proudly serve sellers in Southport, Oak Island, St James Plantation, Supply, Leland, Bolivia and all of Brunswick County.


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Transcribed Video:
As we are talking to sellers, you know, what sets us apart as a team. It’s our plan and the things that we do to help them, not only get their home ready to sell and things that we do in marketing get sold, but right up front, I think it’s super important that we offer them a stager to get the home ready. Actually, your seller called me the other day and said how thrilled she was to hear… that it’s great for a seller to hear it from another source. They may kind of know what they need to do to get a house ready, but it’s hard for an owner to put away their stuff unless somebody tells them and directs them. And so that’s huge just to have that step, because our stager knows what to do to get that house ready to photo well, because as we tell everybody, their first showing is online. So that’s super important.

And then obviously the photos, the videos, the 3D tours that we are doing are so important. Anything nowadays, but especially because of the market we are in that so many people are coming from somewhere else that we can provide as much video and visual information on a house to hopefully sell that house really mentally to somebody before they even come here, I think has been huge.

So those two steps right up front help them get the house ready, the photo, the video, the tours, everything we can do to put them in the best light. And then we step in with the marketing and everything that we do from our flyers to our social media to our videos and everything else that we do to get the exposure, our Facebook ads, our website, boosting of our properties out to different areas, targeting where people are coming from, I think has been crucial to really drawing in the buyers that we need to get our home sold.