Your Guide to Southeastern NC’s People & Places!

Watch Jack Hamilton of Southport’s Hamilton Realty Group explore southeastern NC in this episode of The Brunswick Beat.  Learn more about the people and places we know and love in our coastal community.

WATCH NOW> — For this episode of The Brunswick Beat, we’re getting up close and personal with the Oak Island Lighthouse.  A few fun facts:
–It was completed in 1958 for a total cost of $110,000.
–It stands 169 feet above the Atlantic Ocean.
–The 131 stairs leading to the top aren’t a spiral staircase like you’d think, they are actually a series of ship’s ladders that lead you to the lantern level which you can see above see above.
–And speaking of the lantern level —  the light is BRIGHT!  It’s comprised of (8) beacon lighting fixtures that hold 1,000-watt halogen bulbs.
–The light’s flashing pattern is interesting to note, too.  It flashes every ten seconds, with (4) one-second flashes.

We invite you to come for a visit and discover this historic landmark!