Real Estate agents working in vacation areas should focus on selling the story of a home. Often the lifestyle surrounding a home is more important to buyers than the cabinets or flooring. Features like a wall of windows, water views, beam construction and southern architecture accompanied by professional photography really resonate with buyers. Portraying that “magical picture” in order to convey the feeling of the property is the single most important task when it comes to marketing. Agents in this market should also know the area inside and out. Know the roads as well as the local business and services available. Love the area you serve.

Many vacation/second home buyers are interested in properties that have a potential income which helps to defray the cost of ownership. In instances like this, agents should have accurate financial information for the buyers to review. Cash flow and rate of return is important information for buyers to have in order to be fully informed and create realistic expectations.

Buyers are often looking to fulfill a lifelong dream. It maybe recreating a childhood memory, setting up a legacy for their children and grand-children or a change of lifestyle. Since they aren’t looking to simply put a roof over their heads, urgency is harder to create in vacation/second home sales. Sometimes it takes buyers years to make a decision so relationship building is imperative. Don’t push, listen to your client’s wish list and ask questions about their lifestyle needs and desires. The ability to hear what people are saying will solidify your relationship and build trust.