Tune in as Jack and Dana Hamilton of the Hamilton Realty Group in Southport, NC talk a bit about their Tom Ferry Coaching experience and how it keeps them at the TOP OF THEIR GAME and most importantly helps BEST SERVE THEIR CLIENTS.

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Transcribed Video:

Jack Hamilton: Happy February folks. It’s Jack Hamilton and…

Dana Hamilton: And of course, Dana Hamilton.

Jack Hamilton: With the Hamilton Realty Group. It’s February, and we thank you for watching this quick video this month. Actually right now, we are actually in San Diego. We are at a Tom Ferry event, which is called his Elite Retreat, which is for about the top 1500/2000 agents actually in the country. If you don’t know about Tom Ferry, just Google him because you will see that Tom has been recognized by Stefan Swanepoel as the top real estate coaching company in the country for the last seven years. I think you’ve probably heard us talk about him in the past. Dana and I are honored to be able to coach for him and we coach agents all around the country. So this is one of our big events. This is just something that we do to try to deliver a better service for you.

Dana Hamilton: The reason that this really benefits our clients, number one, we are coaches and so we coach agents and it keeps us accountable. It keeps us on top of our game, learning the newest strategies, systems, everything we can be doing to best serve our clients too. So we bring all of that information back to you to be better agents and help our clients do the best we can for you.

Jack Hamilton: It kind of just keeps us relevant. You know, I’ve been in the business now going on 30 years. Dana has been in it for 27 years. The business has changed. One of the reasons that we continue to attend seminars like this, particularly with Tom, is to stay ahead of the trends as far as marketing. One of the things we are working on right now is understanding the change in the industry and how we deliver that top notch service to you. In fact, we are going to start working on a program called Concierge Service where we deliver things to you that will make it easier, because we know after the amount of time we’ve been in business that buying or selling a home is stressful and our job is to number one, take some of that stress away, take some of the emotion way and make it easier for you. So that’s one of the things that we are focusing on that we will be working with our team.

Unfortunately, our industry has been an industry where it’s really simple to get into and we have what we call a lot of hobbyists, and you know what? They are nice people, but really they don’t focus on staying cutting edge. They just do real estate as a hobby as we call it, and they are not full time. So in the market we talk about all the time of who you hire matters and experience you can trust does matter.

Dana Hamilton: Absolutely.

Jack Hamilton: That’s something that we bring to the table. Hopefully, you will find this information helpful. Please share it with your friends, forward it to them and most importantly, if you are here in the Brunswick County, Wilmington area, and you are looking to buy or sell, maybe even invest this year, we would love the opportunity to just sit down and talk with you, see if we are the right fit, see if our strategy and plans make sense for you. So, again, thanks so much for watching and we will talk with you next month.

Dana Hamilton: Thanks so much.