If you’re searching for a real estate agent to help you sell your North Carolina property, look no further – The Hamilton Realty Group at Carolinas Connect Realty is here to help!  Real estate agents can be a BIG benefit to you and it’s important that you carefully weight your pros and cons.  Here are 10 reasons why Carolinas Connect Realty can benefit YOU….


1. Market Knowledge.  With access to the most recent market data, Carolinas Connect Realty (CCR) can give you advice on realistic purchase and listing prices. ADDED BONUS: You’ll see a report of comparable homes for sale plus historic market data.  This will ensure you’re getting the most for your property.

2. Negotiation Skills.  Whether buying or selling a home, handling the negotiations is a difficult task. CCR will help you get creative with your offers so you end up with a deal that has your best interest in mind.

3. Your Home Will Shine!  In today’s world, buyers expect to see professional photos and videos of your property. But, don’t worry — CCR will handle it for you!  We will stage and market your home across a variety of channels.  First, we will assess your space and offer feedback so that your property really shines!  Then, our professional photographers and videographers will get to work to assure your home really grabs a buyer’s attention.

4. Leave It To Us!  CCR is here to do the hard work for you.  We will handle the daunting task of coordinating your showings and open houses. ADDED BONUS: We will use our marketing skills and resources to maximize your exposure, assuring we get the right buyer in your house.

5. Get Aggressive!  Carolinas Connect Realty will leverage our networks in order to sell your home more aggressively to other agents, either locally or in other markets where buyers may be coming from.

6. Inspections Made Easy.  When selling, your CCR agent will provide you with the guidance you need when your buyer comes back to you with repair requests.  We will help you negotiate a solution that benefits both parties and keeps the transaction moving forward.

7. Trusted Partners.  When selling your home, you may need additional professional services, including: inspectors, contractors, lawyers, moving companies, title companies and more. Not to worry — Your CCR agent will recommend people that that have a good reputation.

8. Let’s Close The Deal!  Every step of the way, your CCR agent will be there to explain the necessary paperwork and all the steps required to get your home closed AND make you feel more at ease with the process.

9. Stay Objective. We realize that buyers and sellers can get emotional during the selling process.  It is a part of your CCR agent’s job to help you stay objective during all negotiations in order to get the best deal.

10. The Price Is Right!  Our great CCR agents will help you sell your home quickly and for the best price.

The Hamilton Realty Group at Carolinas Connect Realty offers a team of real estate agents that specialize in getting YOU results. We offer staging of your home, professional photography and videos, creative online, direct mail and social media marketing, as well as Mega-Open Houses to get you the maximum exposure to the qualified buyers.

Call (844) 921-0006 us today and discover how we can help sell your home quickly AND for the best price!


From North Carolina’s Triad region to the southeastern coast, The Hamilton Realty Group of Carolinas Connect Realty is your full-service real estate resource, proudly helping over 2,200 families call North Carolina home.