When you first put your home on the market for sale you are hopeful that it sells quickly. In fact industry statistics show that the best time to maximum price is in the first 30 days of your home being on the market.  While you shouldn’t panic if your home doesn’t sell within the first 30 days, you should begin to worry if the months start flying by without any real offers.

Here are reasons why your home may not be selling.

  1.      You over-valued your property.  If your house is overpriced, it’s simply not going to sell. Compare your property to similar properties that recently sold within your area to get a better idea of what buyers are willing to pay for your home.  An experienced agent can give you an accurate value for your home.
  2.      Your listing information is poor. If the listing of your home includes a poorly written description without great pictures, a lot of buyers are going to skip over it.  Make sure you and your Real Estate Agent put an effort into creating a listing that attracts the attention of buyers.  Make sure to add high quality pictures of both the interior and exterior of the home along with video.
  3.      You’re too attached. The most important job a professional agent has is to remove the emotions from the process.  If you refuse to negotiate even a penny off your price, then there’s a good chance that you’re too attached to your home.  If a part of you doesn’t want to sell it, or you think your house is the best house in the world, chances are you’re going to have a lot of difficulties coming to an agreement with a buyer.
  4.      You haven’t staged your home for sale. If you’ve already moved out, then don’t show an empty house. This makes it difficult for buyers to imagine living in it. Stage your home with furniture and décor to give buyers a better idea of how big every room is and how it can be used.  If you are still living in the home, hire a professional stager to work with you on making the home more appealing to potential buyers.
  5.      You’ve kept up all your personal décor.  Buyers are going to feel uncomfortable touring your house if you keep all of your family portraits up.  Take down your personal décor so buyers can have an easier time imagining themselves living in the home.
  6.      Your home improvements are too personalized. You might think that the mural you painted on you wall is awesome, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers will agree. If your home improvements are too personalized, it can scare off buyers who don’t want to pay for features they don’t want.
  7.      Your home is in need of too many repairs. The more repairs that are needed, the less likely a buyer will want your home. Most buyers don’t want to deal with the costs or efforts of doing repair work.
  8.      You chose the wrong real estate agent.  Choosing the right real estate professional is the most important decision you make in selling your home.

The good news is that all these things can be fixed!!

The Hamilton Realty Group at Carolinas Connect Realty has the experience you can trust to answer the tough questions on what it will take to sell or purchase a home in today’s real estate market.  In today’s market, “Who You Hire Matters.”