Your Guide to Southeastern NC’s People & Places!

Watch as Southport’s Hamilton Realty Group’s Amanda Farabow takes a stroll with her hubby to The Kindred Spirit Mailbox.

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox is not your average mailbox. It holds the wishes, thoughts, prayers and dreams of those who journey to see it. In this serene location with its soothing sights and sounds, folks find the inspiration to bear their hearts and souls and draw comfort from their peaceful surroundings.

This hidden gem on our coastal North Carolina shore has not only given inspiration to locals and visitors alike…It’s the inspiration behind Nicholas Sparks’ novel ‘Every Breath.’ We invite you to TUNE IN NOW and make the journey to this incredibly special place in on a secluded stretch of beach in southeastern NC…we left you a note!

Thank you for sharing in our journey to the Kindred Spirit Mailbox. We can’t wait to hear about yours. And we sure do hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of The Brunswick Beat. We’ll catch you next time. As, you never know where you’ll find us!