We love this time of year here in southeastern NC and we want to share it with you!  There is no better time to plan a visit to our area – our days are filled with warm sunshine, Carolina Blue skies, endless activities and fabulous real estate opportunities!

These are just a few of our favorite ways to enjoy summer here:

Stay at The LaPolena Bed & Breakfast!
TAKE A PEEK — https://youtu.be/pyOo4OYf4dk

Visit Our Area Lighthouses!
OAK ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE — https://youtu.be/3nuqyrT_KqE
OLD BALDY — https://youtu.be/wJP89VUbQso

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Side Street Bakery!
LET THE MOUTHWATERING BEGIN — https://youtu.be/MsWq9vYefe8

Zip Along at The Swamp Park Zip Line & ATV Center!
START YOUR ADVENTURE — https://youtu.be/bUAPnz60byM

Grab a Slice at Dry Street Pub and Pizza!
CHECK ‘EM OUT — https://youtu.be/8IFBpv2RHdg

Tour Southport via Cart or Boat!
SOUTHPORT FUN TOURS — https://youtu.be/lGZ75_KiCw0
SOUTHPORT BOAT TOURS — https://youtu.be/RRkg_QW-YfU

End Your Day With an Unbeatable Sunset and Cocktail at American Fish Company!
CHEERS! — https://youtu.be/WJUl0o6BI7E

We would love to introduce you to our special area and introduce you to why we love living here.  The real estate opportunities aren’t too shabby, either!  Let’s plan your visit today!