Charming Southport, NC, Oak Island, NC and St. James Plantation have so much to offer its residents, their guests and visitors. Come explore our beloved southeastern NC area from the many beaches to the master-planned communities to the best bars and restaurants — we’re excited to be your guide!



Speaker 1: I’m Jack Hamilton with Hamilton Realty Group and this is Southport Oak Island & St James, North Carolina. When people start that process of thinking about where they might retire or wherever they might purchase a vacation home, some people may be looking for that long stranded beach in the rolling waves, some people may be looking for golf course communities. Some people may be looking for a quaint little seaside town. So if you are looking for beach life, actually, Oak Island is the longest span of beach in our area. It’s actually about eight miles. It offers everything from condos to million dollar properties on the beach. St James Plantation offers 81 holes of golf, four club houses, a full service marina and all kinds of events and activities to keep you busy for a long, long time.

Downtown Southport is a really quaint little community. In fact, it was actually named in 2016 the happiest seaside village in America, a really cool little place that sits on the Cape Fear River. If you are downtown, you look across at Oak Island, you can look out to Bald Head Island, you see all kinds of boating traffic. Almost every evening, you can be attending some live entertainment, if it’s one of the local restaurants, one of the local wine shops, actually, at some of the parks. Southport is one of those places where if you’ve been here for any amount of time you pretty much know most of the people you see. I met a couple that specifically moved to Southport because of the medical facilities that were available to them. Right here in town, we have Dosher Memorial Hospital. They have been here for years and they continue to improve the quality of services that they offer.

Speaker 2: My name is Ilene Evans and I am the Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport. The services that we offered here may be a particular interest to the high percentage of retirees we have in this area; either people who are here and who are of retirement age or people who are starting to move to this area to enjoy the lifestyle that Brunswick County has to offer.

Speaker 1: The beauty about that is that we have all of that to offer here in the Southport Oak Island & St James area. Our goal is, as we say all the time, is just to really help you meet your goals and then we are going to give you total honest assessment of what it’s going to take to make that happen. So if you are looking for a great place to retire, to slow down, to relax, Southport, North Carolina is the place for you. We have just fine restaurants located on the Intracoastal Waterway, lots of activities and just good friendly people. Please contact us at the Hamilton Realty Group and let us make that a reality for you.