Retirement planning often focuses on how much money to save and where to invest it to support you in your Golden Years.  But what about where you’ll live out your retirement years?   Give some thought to your retirement home selection with the help of these practical tips:

Review the lists.  With the invention of the internet there’s no shortage of sites, magazines and retirement shows ranking the best places to retire.  For most of our clients, the process starts at least 2-3 years prior to your actual retirement date.  Do your research and take your time, this is a life changing decision and you want to feel great about your decision.

Keep your budget in mind. Most folks are living longer these days so make sure to keep that in mind when looking at your budget.  Are you sitting on a sizable nest egg, or are you like most retirees who will rely on Social Security for a large chunk of the post career income?  Either way, your financial situation will largely determine how comfortably you can live in your Golden Years.  If you are interested in stretching your hard-earned dollars, look into retirement destinations that provide an affordable cost of living.

Make it personal.  There are lots of variables to consider when determining top places to retire. Some of the things to consider are housing affordability, entertainment and recreational activities and quality health care. Be sure to also consider the elements most important to you, like having friends and family nearby.  You must identify the factors you value the most when looking for a location that truly meets your needs.

Expand your search. Many retirees find their dollar goes further when they live abroad. Places like Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Colombia currently top the list of best places to retire in the world

The key is, do your research, take your time and determine the best place that fits your needs.   Our Hamilton Realty Group of Carolinas Connect Realty is always here if you need guidance.