You can truly get away from it all on Bald Head Island.  The island is only accessible by powerboat or a pedestrian ferry which will take you and your luggage on a short trip across the mouth of the Cape Fear River to the 12,000 acre escape.  Visitors and residents get around the island by way of golf carts and bicycles.

Bald Head Island is best known for Old Baldy, the eight-sided brick lighthouse build in 1818. From the top of Old Baldy you can get a panoramic view of stunning beaches and the championship golf course.  Bald Head Island was once a favorite place for pirates to hole up, protected by the island’s forestation and calm waters, and by the pro-pirate communities in the area.  Legend has it that Blackbeard often used the island to replenish his food stocks and hide his treasure!  During the War between the States, Union blockades used the island as a natural barrier to help keep Confederate ships from entering the Cape Fear River inlet.

Since the early 1900’s the pristine beaches and luxury accommodation have been a favorite vacation spot.  Daily life on the island is unlike what most people are accustomed to.  All the conveniences of the outside world remain on the outside and must be brought over by boat.  Quiet, rest, retreat are only interrupted by a day at the beach, on the golf course or catching great fish.  Whether for a vacation home or a full time residence, Bald Head Island offers some of the most spectacular homes in the NC coastal area.