Known as “The Seafood Capital of the World,” Calabash has long been a favorite spot for seafood lovers.  It is positioned as the southernmost river town and located on the Atlantic Ocean.  In addition to restaurants, Calabash boasts many specialty stores and local art galleries and golf courses.

The town took its name from the Calabash River, which was named by the local slave population in the early 1800’s.  Later it was known as Pea Landing because of the large amount of peanut farming.  The Great Depression forced a majority of the local labor force out of the fields, and many of them turned to the sea to feed their families.  Soon the local seafood market began to flourish and fisherman began selling their catch on the dock.  It was then that Calabash became known the world over for their seafood “Calabash Style”, a low country style of cooking with a taste and personality all its own.  When Jimmy Durante closed his show with “Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are” he was referring to Lucy Coleman who ran a Calabash style restaurant.

Calabash has been referred to as:  “A fishing village with a timeless legacy and rich tradition, undaunted by the encroaching modern world.”  But it offers a wide range of activities and its location on the Calabash River and proximity to the Intracosatal Waterway makes it ideal for coastal living.

Several developments, golf course communities, luxury waterway homes and condos in the area make Calabash a favorite for full time or vacation living.