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Watch Jack Hamilton of Southport’s Hamilton Realty Group explore southeastern NC in “The Brunswick Beat.” Learn more about the people and places we know and love in our coastal community.

WATCH NOW — In this episode, you’ll get a IN-DEPTH look at La Polena, a contemporary, alternative for relaxing and pampering in Downtown Southport. TUNE-IN!

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Transcribed Video:

Jack Hamilton: Hey folks, Jack Hamilton, and I’m coming to you with the newest edition of the Brunswick Beat. We are down here in beautiful Southport, North Carolina, right across the water from the Cape Fear River. Southport is known as a town that has just got so much history and so much charm. But today I am so excited to be introducing you to a contemporary alternative here in Southport, the La Polena bed and breakfast. Let’s go inside and meet Suzy Forrester, the innkeeper and owner here at La Polena bed and breakfast. Knock, knock. Oh, by the way, we don’t have to lock our doors here in Southport.

Suzy Forrester: Jack!

Jack Hamilton: Hey Suzy, how are you?

Suzy Forrester: You stopped by!

Jack Hamilton: Thanks so much for having us out. We are so excited to be doing this interview with you. One of your taglines that I see all the time and one of the reasons I’m here is it says you are the contemporary alternative. I tell people all the time that this is the most unique and different bed and breakfast in Southport. So tell us a little about that.

Suzy Forrester: We pride ourselves in being a contemporary alternative. People typically think of bed and breakfast as being an older home, which I am [crosstalk 01:25] myself.

Jack Hamilton: Absolutely down here in Southport, right.

Suzy Forrester: And I love history. But when I moved to the community I saw that there was a need for something a little bit different.

Jack Hamilton: That’s cool because as I said, that’s one of the things that I love about this place is that it definitely is different and it’s also different because of its location. So tell people where we are.

Suzy Forrester: We are just outside of town by a couple of blocks down Moore Street and we overlook the Cape Fear River.

Jack Hamilton: You should do because in fact, two of those gorgeous bedrooms upstairs, they actually even look out over at Bald Head Island. So if you don’t know about Bald Head Island, you need to go ahead and Google that.

Suzy Forrester: Our Shell suite and our Figurehead overlook Bald Head Island. You can see Old Baldy as well as Oak Island lighthouse.

Jack Hamilton: So you get both of those lighthouses at the same time.

Suzy Forrester: Yeah.

Jack Hamilton: So that’s very cool. You have another thing that you are very proud of; one of your rooms kind of has a specialty here in Southport. Tell them what that specialty is.

Suzy Forrester: Our Aviation suite, it’s Southport’s only masculine suite and we are betting a thousand at this point every time we’ve had a male reserve an evening with us, it has been for the Aviation suite.

Jack Hamilton: Yup, very cool. And I thought it was just because it was a bigger room, but it doesn’t have all the frilly stuff in there, right? So men love it.

Suzy Forrester: It is 525 square feet.

Jack Hamilton: You also said that it’s your most popular room, right?

Suzy Forrester: It is.

Jack Hamilton: So that’s cool. It shows that it is unique and people love that. So that’s cool. Tell us a little bit more about what you offer.

Suzy Forrester: We believe largely in giving back to the community and we’ve had a number of events here. We also have the nest. The nest is an in-house masseuse and anyone in the community can book a massage whether you are staying with us or not.

Jack Hamilton: That’s a great thing. Folks, I totally appreciate you watching the Brunswick Beat. I expect you to fill this in up for the whole year. Suzy, again, thanks so much for having us out. Cheers.